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Jam Tunes

​Jam Events

A "jam" is a gathering of musicians who take turns selecting songs for everyone to play together. It is an opportunity for fun and growth. We generally select from the music listed on this page. Access the music by clicking on "pdf" or "link" for each tune. Easier tunes are marked with * to the right of the title. All acoustic instruments are welcome!

Feel free to download and play this tab, and to link to it, but please do not take the PDFs to post on your own websites or print and share with others with the following exception:

You may only copy or share our original tab (PDFs on our website that are by Martha, Ray, Sue, Natalie, or Chad) for use in your jams. We are happy to have you enjoy those arrangements!

​Jam Tunes Tab

Acres of Clams basic melody pdf
Acres of Clams melody pdf

All the Good Times (multiple parts)
(link:  Tull Glazener's website)
Amazing Grace melody* pdf
Amazing Grace harmony* pdf

Angeline the Baker low melody pdf 
Angeline the Baker high melody pdf 
Angeline the Baker high bass pdf

Annie Laurie melody pdf 
Annie Laurie Melody simple melody pdf 
Annie Laurie harmony pdf 
Annie Laurie simple harmony pdf 
Annie Laurie arpeggiated harmony pdf 

As I Went Down to the River to Pray pdf
(posted with permission)
(The) Ashgrove (multiple parts)
(link: website)
Ashokan Farewell
(link: Colorado Dulcimer Festival website)
Auld Lang Syne pdf
Autumn Waltz
(link: Shelley Stevens' website)
Banks of the Ohio pdf
Beauty in Tears 
(link: Shelley Stevens' website)
Belle of Belfast City melody  pdf
Belle of Belfast City simple melody  pdf
Belle of Belfast City harmony  pdf
Belle of Belfast City simple harmony  pdf

Bile the Black Mountain Squirrels* pdf

NEW 8/16/23

Bile Them Cabbage* pdf
Black Mountain Rag 
(link: website)

Blowin' in the Wind
(link: Colorado Dulcimer Festival website)
Bonaparte's Retreat pdf
Bonnie Doon melody pdf
(posted with permission)
Bonnie Doon low harmony pdf
(posted with permission)
Bonnie Doon high harmony pdf
(posted with permission)
(The) Boys of Bluehill pdf
Britches Full of Stitches melody* pdf
Britches Full of Stitches bass* pdf

Bunessan simple melody pdf   

Butcher's Gap pdf
Camptown Races pdf
Carrickfergus  pdf 
Clinch Mountain - Sweet Pepper* pdf
Cluck Old Hen pdf
Columbus Stockade Blues* pdf
Come Thou Font
(link: Shelley Stevens' website)
Corcoran's Cross
(link: website)

Cotton-Eyed Joe pdf

(posted with permission)

Covered Bridge Waltz 
(link: North Georgia Foothills Dulcimer Association website)

Crooked Ridge pdf
Cumberland Gap
(link: Western North Carolina Dulcimer Collective website)
Danny Boy easy melody* pdf
Danny Boy melody pdf
Dawning of the Day melody pdf
Dawning of the Day harmony pdf
Dawning of the Day bass pdf

Denis Murphy's Polka pdf

Dona Nobis Pacem
(link: Dave Haas' website)
Down the River I Go
(link: Shelley Stevens' website)
Drowsy Maggie pdf NEW 6/15/23
(posted with permission)
Dulcimer Daze pdf
(posted with permission)
Easter Hymn melody pdf  
All new NEW 6/15/23
Eine Klein Nachtmusik 1st dulcimer pdf
Eine Klein Nachtmusik 2nd dulcimer pdf
Eine Klein Nachtmusik 3rd dulcimer pdf
(posted with permission)

Erie Canal pdf
Erie Canal lyrics pdf
Farewell to Tarwathie
(link: Colorado Dulcimer Festival website)
Farther Along
(link: Shelley Stevens website)
(The) Fiddler pdf
Fiddlin' A Round* pdf
(posted with permission)
Flop Eared Mule melody/harmony
(link: Lagniappe Dulcimer Society website)
Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss melody pdf
Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss harmony pdf
Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss bass pdf
Forked Deer pdf 
(posted with permission)
Froggy Went A' Courtin'* pdf
Froggy Went A' Courtin' lyrics pdf
Going Home
(link: Western North Carolina Dulcimer Collective website)
Going Home arpeggiated pdf
Grand River Whiskey
(link: Doofus Music website)
Grasshopper Sittin' on a Sweetpotato Vine
(link: Doofus Music website)
Happy Birthday chord melody* pdf
Happy Birthday high melody pdf
Hard Times pdf 

Harrison Town* pdf
Harvest Home pdf
Home on the Range pdf
How Can I Keep From Singing*
(link: website)
How Can I Keep From Singing lyrics pdf
In the Bleak Midwinter
(link: Nina Zanetti's website)
Irish Washerwoman melody pdf 
Irish Washerwoman simple melody pdf
Irish Washerwoman chords pdf
Irish Washerwoman arpeggiated harmony pdf
Irish Washerwoman bass pdf
John B Sails pdf
John Ryan's Polka low pdf
John Ryan's Polka high pdf
John Stinson/Kitchen Girl/Old Needle Case pdf
John Stinson's #2 pdf
June Apple
(link: website)
Kathleen's Waltz pdf
Keel Row* pdf  
Kesh Jig 
(link: Shelley Stevens' website)
Kum Ba Ya
(link: website)
Kum Ba Ya lyrics​​ pdf
Lady Mary* pdf
Lady Mary Harmony pdf
(The) Last Rose of Summer pdf

Leaning on the Everlasting Arms pdf

(posted with permission)

Leaving Lismore simple melody* pdf
Leaving Lismore melody pdf
Leaving Lismore fingerpicked harmony pdf
(link: Shelley Stevens' website)

(link: Nina Zanetti's website)

Loch Lomond pdf
Loch Lomond fingerpicked melody pdf

MacPherson's Rant pdf
(The) Maid Behind the Bar melody
(link: Prussia Valley Dulcimers website)
(The) Maid Behind the Bar chords pdf 
Mairi's Wedding pdf
Mary and the Soldier pdf

Mes Parents 
(link: website)

Midnight on the Water
(link: website)
Mississippi Sawyer* pdf

Molly Malone
(link: website)


Molly Malone fingerpicked pdf
Mrs. McGrath
(link: website)
Mrs. McGrath lyrics pdf
My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean melody pdf NEW 8/16/23
My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean fingerpicked pdf NEW 8/16/23
My Country 'Tis of Thee
(link: Doofus Music website)
My Own House
(link: Colorado Dulcimer Festival website)
My Wild Irish Rose pdf
Neal Gow's Lament for the Death of His Second Wife pdf
Neal Gow's Lament for the Death of His Second Wife accompaniment pdf
Nutfactory Shuffle pdf
(posted with permission)
Off to California pdf
Old Grey Liza* pdf
Old Yeller Dog pdf
On the Banks of Cairnie Burn
(link: website)
Over the Waterfall low melody pdf
Over the Waterfall high melody pdf
Over the Waterfall high harmony pdf
(The) Parting Glass melody
(link: website)
(The) Parting Glass fingerpicked melody pdf
Peace Like a River pdf
Peace Like a River harmony pdf 
Pig Ankle Rag
(link: Doofus Music website)
Planxty Fanny Power
(link: website)
Red Haired Boy melody pdf 
Red Haired Boy simple melody pdf 
Red River Valley melody pdf
Red River Valley harmony pdf
Red River Valley lyrics pdf
Red Wing pdf
Red Wing lyrics pdf
Road to Boston pdf
Road to Lisdoonvarna melody pdf
Road to Lisdoonvarna harmony pdf
Road to Lisdoonvarna flute duet pdf
Rock the Cradle Joe* pdf
Rowan Tree melody pdf
Rowan Tree harmony pdf
Sailing Before the Wind pdf
Sally's Got Mud Between Her Toes
(link: Doofus Music website)
Scotland the Brave low pdf
Scotland the Brave high pdf
Shenandoah D-major
(link: Dulcimer Heaven website)
Shenandoah G-major
(link: Dulcimer Heaven website)

Shove That Pig's Foot pdf

(posted with permission)

Si Bheag Si Mhor simple melody pdf
Si Bheag Si Mhor melody pdf
Si Bheag Si Mhor bass pdf
Simple Gifts* pdf
Simple Gifts lyrics pdf
Sing We Now Our Morning Song/The Sun Is High pdf
(posted with permission)
Skip to My Lou (Easy)*
(link: website)
Skip to My Lou lyrics pdf
Skye Boat Song 
(link: Shelley Stevens' website)
South Callaway Waltz pdf
Southwind melody pdf 
Southwind harmony pdf  
Southwind fingerpicked melody pdf 
Southwind fingerpicked harmony pdf 

Spotted Pony pdf NEW 8/16/23
Spotted Squirrel pdf NEW 8/16/23
St Anne's Reel low melody pdf
St Anne's Reel high melody pdf
St Anne's Reel melody and chords pdf
Star of the County Down melody pdf 
Star of the County Down simple melody pdf
Star of the County Down arpeggiated harmony pdf
Star-Spangled Banner
(link: Shelley Stevens' website)
Swallowtail Jig pdf NEW 6/15/23
Tom Dooley pdf
Tom Dooley lyrics pdf

(The) Unclouded Day pdf

(posted with permission)

Walkin' in the Parlor
(link: Jackie Armstrong's website)
(The) Water Is Wide pdf
When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
(link: Shelley Stevens' website)
When Irish Eyes Are Smiling fingerpicked melody pdf
When Silence Was Golden (multiple parts) pdf
(posted with permission)
Whiskey Before Breakfast easy melody* pdf
Whiskey Before Breakfast melody pdf
Whiskey Before Breakfast Bass pdf
Whiskey in the Jar pdf 

Wildwood Flower easy* pdf
Wildwood Flower pdf
Will Ye No' Come Back Again low version 
(link: Nina Zanetti's website)
Will Ye No' Come Back Again high version   
(link: Nina Zanetti's website)
Will Ye Go Lassie Go simple melody* pdf 
Will Ye Go Lassie Go melody pdf 
Will Ye Go Lassie Go chords pdf 
Will Ye Go Lassie Go fingerpicked pdf 

Yankee Doodle pdf

(posted with permission)

You're a Grand Old Flag (multiple parts)
(link: website)
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